We understand that growing a tech startup has its challenges and can be frustrating and confusing at times. We will instill confidence in your talent strategy with our customized solutions. We have never missed a deadline, target, or goal and will always deliver top tech talent at pace to hit your growth objectives while cutting down cost per hire.

We deliver recruiting solutions that help you identify, hire, and retain your greatest asset: your people. Whether you need a CPO, VP of Talent, Director, Manager, Technical Recruiters, Sr. Recruiters, Sourcers, Employment Branding, Talent Operations, or Recruiting Coordinators, we have you covered.

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  • An on-demand full-time recruitment team
  • No placement fees - hourly rate cutting total recruitment costs by up to 70%
  • Select the size of your recruitment team depending on your hiring schedule
  • Development and implementation of long-term talent strategies and hiring plans
  • The best startup recruiters in the industry who will hit the ground running

We have helped build startups that grew from Seed to Series E and eventually went public with our efficient and effective process. We will evaluate your current process and help guide you to remove roadblocks and develop customized solutions that work.

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  • Implementation of customized recruitment processes to reduce time to hire by up to 80%
  • Scalable solutions specific for tech startups to allow hiring at scale
  • Training and development of current recruitment and HR team
  • Action plan to improve efficiencies for interviewing, offer negotiation, and onboarding to enhance recruitment experience
  • Alignment of business objectives and hiring needs

We've used and stay up to date with the best ATS's and tools that build the top of the funnel and pipeline. We will evaluate your current stack, make recommendations, and even implement the tools.

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  • Selection, implementation, and rollout of the best recruitment tools and technology within the tech industry
  • Automate and simplify tasks through recruitment technology to increase productivity within your recruitment team
  • Make better hiring decisions through accurate data insights
  • Maintain consistency by ensuring that tasks are carried out uniformly, regardless of complexities with recruitment automation
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