about us

We exist to help tech startups change the world by offering world-class talent and strategy solutions.

We believe that for companies to make an impact, they need the expertise, people, process, and tools to attract the best talent in the tech industry.

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3 Consultants
7 Startups
175 Hires



16 Consultants
29 Startups
725 Hires



40 Consultants
116 Startups
2,900 Hires

our values

Reading between the lines

To find out the real story of a company, we need to be curious. Curious about your people, process, and tools. We will dig deep and ask the tough questions and make recommendations to guarantee results that develop the culture that you would like to build.

The complex made simple

We make hiring easy with scalable solutions that give you the confidence to grow. We seamlessly integrate with your company and/or existing recruiting team, manage the process end-to-end, work with your hiring managers weekly, improve your process and pipeline, and deliver the results you are targeting.

Whenever you need us

We bring customized solutions to the table that are flexible to your talent needs and you can turn us on and off as your hiring goals change. We bring the most comprehensive team of startup recruiters, sourcers, coordinators, and talent operations professionals.

Finger on the pulse

Through our network, experience, and authority within the tech industry, we bring you insights and strategies that will give you access to the best talent in the market. We help drive employment branding, diversity strategies, and the best tools that stay ahead of industry shifts and deliver results at the speed you are targeting.

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