We are a fun bunch of people working with some of the best companies in tech. We offer flexible schedules, 100% remote, and the best pay in the industry, all while working with some of the best recruiters in the industry that will motivate you and help elevate your career. Come and join our journey!

  • 100% remote
  • Flexible hours & schedule
  • Work with the greatest companies in tech
  • High hourly pay (not commissioned based)
success stories

don’t just take our word for it

Angela - started off as a sourcer, promoted to a G&A Recruiter, and now is a Sr. Tech Recruiter. Salary increase of 4.5x + 2 purchased homes.

Erika - started off as a sourcer, promoted to a G&A Recruiter, Sr. Tech Recruiter, and Sr. Recruiting Manager. Salary increase of 8.6x.








Satisfaction from Hiring Managers


Purchased Homes

the team

meet Jenna

Startup Talent has allowed me to showcase and further develop my skills. I've fully established myself as a respected voice within recruiting operations during my time here. I've also built systems that give the hiring teams and candidates a positive experience throughout the hiring process.

Working with STC has also brought me to a new level of financial freedom. I finally feel like I'm appropriately compensated for my level of expertise.

the team

meet Randi

Working with Krista has been the most rewarding career move I have ever made. I can greatly impact the clients I work with, learn new systems, and not feel stagnant in my day-to-day. I am financially more stable than I have ever been in my life.

I have been able to purchase property - something I never dreamed possible. Joining Startup Talent is the best decision I have ever made in my life.

the team

meet Natasha

Before STC, I was a Coordinator. This job was limited in growth, super stressful, and required a lot of off the clock support. STC has allowed for me to use my education and abilities to their fullest potential. Tech is where it is at! It has helped bring work/life balance to fruition for me and find work that I am excited to do and offers growth. I have learned so much, get to work with so many inspiring leaders in technology, and have been promoted two times.

STC has allowed my professional network and accomplishments to flourish more rapidly than any other place I have worked. I am able to be the sole provider for my family, make more money than I ever have before, and get to enjoy life and travel more. Personally, it has brought peace in my life to be able to work remotely, but also experience life's big moments with my children.

You can only gain when joining STC. It is a great team who support each other, and the opportunities are endless!"

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